We are Sysphera

Sysphera is a Latin American company specializing in the development and maintenance of software solutions focused on planning and control of financial, operational and regulatory process of the company. These business processes are embedded within the concept of Comprehensive Performance Management.

Contact information
Brasil +55 (48) 3206-3107 contato@sysphera.com

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A comprehensive solution

A comprehensive solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting & consolidation to support enterprises of all sizes in any industry.

needs of the customer
Phased implementation

Sysphera is a robust solution. However, it can be set up locally and develops naturally along with the changes and needs of the customer.

many sources
Only true version

Sysphera retrieves data from many sources, and is automatically reclassified and converted, reused, consolidated and reported.

single platform
Supporting business

Sysphera retrieves and consolidates financial and operational data on a single platform, aimed at facilitating business decisions.

right information
Reports and control panels

The right information is delivered at the right time, to the right people. Using the web, MS-Excel or in PDF, as agreed with each executive.

scenario creation and testing
Scenarios, simulation and what-if analysis

Through an intuitive interface, managers are able to develop and test scenarios, do analyzes and identify strategic initiatives.

several features
Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Sysphera includes several features of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, through powerful workflow management features.

complete model
Profitability analisys

Sysphera delivers a complete model of your business, covering all its operations and monitoring via dashboards and reports.

most advanced
Sysphera workflow

Sysphera provides the most advanced workflow engine, completely parameterized in accordance with the procedures of the customer.

unidades de negócio
Consolidation of accounting statements

Sysphera consolidates all business units and companies of the group, even different lines of business with different accounting structures.



SYSPHERA is built on the Microsoft Platform, representing substantial savings for the client in investments in hardware, software and especially in specialized labor.

It does not require any client-side software installation
Web zero-footprint
Application Management and customization through web portal
Simplified administration
Compatible with all major web browsers and Apple® devices
Maximized compatibility
Login via application or via LDAP/Active Directory Microsoft®
HTTPS encryption

Designed for
better Cost-Benefit

When money is scarce, any investment in software will undergo scrutiny and – most likely – will have to show a return on investment. It should also overcome internal political trends, resistance by exposure to the power demanded by the indiscriminate use of spreadsheets and rise above the arguments that the company’s business is different or far too complex.

The best path is to draw up a Business Case which will examine intangible benefits, factual and tangible, and the most obvious relate to saving time and money in the process touched by the CPM. The productivity of people, not just from the financial area, is currently the biggest factor for enhancement of human capital within organizations.

Financial consolidation and
planning methodology

SYSPHERA created an implementation methodology based on phases, which seeks to meet the demands of companies according to their realities and directs their skills to the next stage of the maturity scale, always in line with the interests, resources and available time of the client .

Step 1
Start budget

Alignment between the customer model and the new Sysphera planning model.

Step 2
Real X budget

Data load from all transaction systems, legacy data, accounting systems, HR, etc.

Step 3

Dashboards and control panels creation for monitoring based on the customer needs.

Step 4

The use of Sysphera as a predictive tool for scenario creation and scenario simulations.

Sysphera for

SYSPHERA firmly integrates its Corporate Performance Management solution with the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform in a transparent way for users. As a result, this offer offers superior functional capacity, increasing users' productivity through a unique and sophisticated interface with access via single sign-on.

Native integration and MicroStrategy look and feel

Single Sign-On via MicroStrategy

Unified view of data through MicroStrategy Reports and Dashboards

Distribution and sales

The platform of products developed by Sysphera are delivered to market through an extensive
network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) that operate throughout Latin America and Europe.